Oceanographic Institute of Monaco

This partnership allows us to continue our mission of supporting research projects and protecting the marine world. With Daxtachem, we will not only provide financial support, but also and above all scientific support to the team of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. To be recognized as an official partner by such a prestigious institution is a great honor. With the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, we share the vision and the will to understand, protect and preserve the marine world.

Tyre Recycling Solutions

Daxtachem is the exclusive representative of Tyre Recycling Solutions (TRS) for the Principality of Monaco.

TRS's proprietary technologies make it possible to revitalize and recycle used tires, which represent a major pollution problem in both land and sea environments. Among the technologies offered by TRS are tire-based components for the production of green asphalt.

Scitec Research - Chemical Analysis

Daxtachem collaborate with the Swiss laboratory Scitec Research, in Lausanne. Scitec Reserach, part of the Eurofins Group, is a leader in the field of sewage, drinking water, micropollutant and soil analysis.